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Sky Engineering

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Sky Engineering Sky Commander XP4 Computer

Sky Engineering Sky Commander XP4 Computer with Flash Cable & Manual - CMP-XP-4000

  • Gain access to more than 30,000 celestial objects while boosting your telescope's performance with this Sky Commander XP4 Computer.
  • Suitable for use in conjunction with a PC or individually.
  • Flash programming cable included for upgrading the Sky Commander XP4 using Flash memory.
  • With encoder "Fast-Tracking," even if the telescope is abruptly moved, extremely high resolution encoder counts up to 24576 will not be reduced.
  • Enclosure construction consists of ABS plastic with a conveniently accessible battery compartment for quick and easy battery exchange.

Sky Engineering has designed their Sky Commander XP4 to convert any telescope into an invaluable observing asset. The Sky Commander XP4 is a computer that allows you to observe any number of celestial wonders with unparalleled ease. Use the Sky Commander XP4 on its own or with the computer to precisely find and save objects in the Sky Commander’s roughly 30,000-object memory space.

In fact, you can build your own custom database of thousands of objects! Once you save an object to the 512kB memory space, the Sky Commander XP4 will be able to find even the faintest deep-space objects you come across. You are then a push of a button away from viewing the most elusive objects such as the Horsehead Nebula or magnificent planets like Saturn and Venus. You can also choose from dozens of catalogs to add to the Sky Commander XP4, such as double stars, Messier objects, or the Herschel 400.

At High Point Scientific, we are committed to making your shopping experience as simple and straightforward as possible. Check out our comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions section in the Sky Commander XP4 description to see what you can do with this accessory. We break down exactly how the Sky Commander XP4 works and what you will need to get the most out of this impressive computer. If you have any questions beyond those in the FAQs, please reach out to us and our telescope experts will be happy to help you!

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