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Sky-Watcher is dedicated to producing high quality Dobsonian telescopes as well as doublet and triplet ED APO refractors for today's amateur astronomer, and that dedication has helped them become the fastest growing telescope brand in Europe.

One of the most innovation designs we've seen in a long time is the Sky-Watcher collapsible Dobsonian telescope. A classic Dobsonian is a Newtonian telescope on a basic lazy-Susan-style rocker box mount. Dobs have been popular for decades because of their very low cost per inch of aperture ratio. In other words, you get a big mirror, and lots of light-gathering power, for a very low price in comparison to other telescope/mount designs. However, classic Dobsonian telescopes are not the most portable, especially when mirror sizes go beyond 10". To help solve this problem, manufacturers created optical tube assemblies with detachable truss tubes, effectively making the tube modular so that the separate pieces could easily fit into most of today's vehicles. This new modular design allowed amateur astronomers to travel to remote observing locations with their big 12"-plus telescopes…it was a turning point in the history of Dobsonians.

Then Sky-Watcher came up with one better…the collapsible Dobsonian! Instead of requiring the user to detach each truss tube and store them separately from the top and bottom portions of the OTA, Sky-Watcher telescope's revolutionary truss-support concept allows the optical tube's front and back cells to collapse together, aligning on the truss support rods which can then be locked down for easy and secure telescope transport. We like the fact that all of the pieces of the optical tube stay together, and since the truss tubes never come out, they stay protected against accidental dents and deformations that may cause problems with re-insertion later on.

Like Sky-Watcher, High Point is dedicated to helping you experience the beauty and grandeur of our Universe in the best way possible. Choosing the right Sky-Watcher accessories is an important first step towards a great astronomical experience, and we would be honored to offer our expertise as needed, whether you are thinking about a Sky-Watcher Dobsonian, a Sky-Watcher Pro ED APO refractor, or the innovative Sky-Watcher AllView Mount.

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