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Software Bisque Paramount ME/MX Permanent Pier - PIERMEIIMX


Software Bisque ME/MX Permanent Pier

The Software Bisque Permanent Pier comes in a variety of heights and will fit all versions of the Paramount ME and MX mounts. The pier is constructed of two steel plates welded to a 10” diameter steel tube, and the whole thing is powder-coated on the interior and the exterior to protect the pier from corrosion.

Paramount ME/MX Pier Column

The pier column is .13” thick. The height of the column can be chosen from the drop-down below. Generally, the following heights below are readily available from the manufacturer. Custom heights (from 10" to 60") can be ordered - feel free to inquire for estimated delivery & associated costs.

  • 12” height; weight is 42 lb.
  • 18” height; weight is 48 lb.
  • 24” height; weight is 54 lb.
  • 30” height; weight is 58 lb.
  • 36” height; weight is 64 lb.
  • 48” height; weight is 76 lb.

Paramount ME/MX Pier Bottom Plate

The bottom plate of the Paramount Permanent Pier is made of .5” steel. It has an 11” x 11” footprint with 1” radius corners. Each corner has four slotted holes. These holes allow for approximately 10 degrees of rotation for polar azimuth adjustment. You can attach the pier to concrete with four 0.5” J-bolts. You can take a look at a drawing as well as an image of the base plate by clicking on the pictures to your left.

Paramount ME/MX Pier Top Plate

The Software Bisque Permanent Pier Top Plate is also made of .5” steel and is slightly larger in diameter than the base plate (11.850”) to accommodate the Paramount ME base. There are mounting holes drilled in the plate for both the ME and the MX; both are shown on the top plate drawing and image to your left. ME holes are marked 1-4, MX holes are marked 5 - 8. Please note that the 23.9 cm (9.40-inch) hole pattern for the Paramount ME is symmetric about the center of the pier, so the pier can be mounted at any multiple of 90-degrees for Paramount ME only installations.

If you would like to mount the Paramount MyT Mount on the ME/MX Permanent Pier, you will need to buy the MyT Base to Permanent Pier Adapter.

How to Order the Paramount Permanent Pier

Choose your pier height from the drop-down list below, and click the "Add to Cart" text below the drop-down. The shipping shown on your order is for the 12” model, and so if you require a taller pier, your shipping charges will most likely increase. If you choose “Custom” from the drop-down, a representative from High Point will contact you to get the details, and will provide you with an ETA as well as any differences in shipping and/or pier costs beyond the base price you will see on your order. Thanks!