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Simulation Curriculum

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SkyFi III Wireless Telescope Controller

SkyFi 3 Wireless Telescope Controller - SKYFI3

  • The SkyFi 3 Adapter is designed to enable wireless telescope control via an iOS or Android smart device's WiFi function.
  • A rechargeable lithium-ion battery is incorporated into the SkyFi 3 in order to provide up to 12 hours of field use!
  • Offers compatibility with telescopes that have RS-232 serial interfaces, as well as with more recent Meade USB-only telescopes.
  • This exceptionally compact device comes with a Velcro belt for attaching to a telescope mount or tripod.
  • Includes a micro USB power adapter to provide external power.
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SkyBT BlueTooth Adapter for Wireless Control via Android Devices

SkyBT BlueTooth Adapter for Wireless Control with Android Devices - SKYBT

  • The SkyBT Bluetooth Adapter is an extremely compact, completely Plug & Play unit that enables wireless control via Android devices.
  • Uses a DB9 male connector to easily fit RS232 serial ports.
  • Runs on two alkaline or rechargeable AAA batteries (sold separately) for between 8 and 10 hours of telescope control on each new set of batteries.
  • As a Class 1 Bluetooth device, the SkyBT has a much larger range, usually around 100 meters, when compared to more inexpensive bluetooth adapters.
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Simulation Curriculum’s wireless telescope controllers and stargazings apps are a favorite among seasoned astronomers and hobbyists alike. As the name suggests, the company began by designing educational simulation software for astronomers, teachers, and hobbyists. Simulation Curriculum is driven by the pursuit to fill the void for meticulous, quality simulation-based curricula for topics in Astronomy, Earth Sciences and beyond. The company began with Imaginova Corp and was then transformed into Simulation Curriculum in 2008.

Simulation Curriculum is most known for their award-winning flagship application, Starry Night. Starry Night is the world's leading digital desktop planetarium simulation, offering a convenient, innovative alternative to stargazing. Starry Night allows users to explore the night sky right from the convenience of their computer, laptop, or mobile device.

Products from Simulation Curriculum are not only for individuals interested in astronomy from afar. They have also developed SkySafari, allowing for effortless telescope control right from your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or computer. SkySafari features a comprehensive database of celestial objects to choose from. Setting up your computerized telescope with SkySafari is quick and easy. High Point Scientific’s telescope experts are available to help you should you have any questions!

For seamless SkySafari connection, we recommend the SkyFi III. This wireless telescope adapter allows your GoTo telescope to connect to SkySafari. Using your computer's or your iOS or Android smart device's built-in WiFi capability, SkyFi III points your telescope in the desired direction with the click of a button. The SkyFi III works with a vast range of today’s most popular telescope manufacturers, including Celestion, Meade, Orion, iOptron, and Takahashi, just to name a few.

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