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Stellarvue 80 mm Finderscope Ring Set for Focuser Dovetail Base - R080DA


Stellarvue 80 mm Finder Scope Rings with Dovetail Stalk

  • The Stellarvue R80DA 80mm dual mounting rings include a dovetail stalk which fits most dovetail shoes found on imported reflectors and focusers, including Stellarvue and Synta.

  • Stellarvue R80DA Finderscope Mounting Rings have an internal diameter of 3-7/8" that hold an 80 mm SV finder or other makes with a similar diameter

  • The dovetail base has a 1.21 inch maximum width at the bottom and tapers to about .82 inches

  • Constructed from all aluminum

The Stellarvue R80DA quick release dovetail stalk mounts the 80mm finderscope ring assembly to most dovetail shoes found with imported focusers and on the main tube of most import reflectors. The dovetail base measures 31mm maximum width, and then tapers to about 21mm. Dovetail bases that equal this size or ones that are wider at the base can be used. Simply attach and insert your finder into the internal rings measuring 3-7/8" in diameter. Collimation can be done with the featured nylon tipped, stainless steel adjustment screws that secure and hold alignment of the finder in place. While storing, simply remove the ring assembly and stalk from the base. When you observe next enjoy alignment where you last left it!