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Stellarvue 80 mm Finderscope Ring Set for Stellarvue Clamshell - R080AT


Stellarvue 80 mm Finder scope Ring Set For Stellarvue Clamshell

  • The R80AT Finderscope Rings work with Stellarvue R80 finderscopes and attach to the Stellarvue Clamshell.

  • R80AT also mounts to the SV dual-speed focuser (not FT) or a flat/curved surface. Great for Dobs.

  • Diameter of each internal ring measures 3-7/8".

  • Features non-marring collimation screws and a quick release dovetail feature.

In order to mount your Stellarvue R80 finderscope to the Stellarvue CNC Clamshell, you will need the Stellarvue R80AT Finder Scope Rings. Easily mount the quick release plate, attach the rings and simply add your finder. The R80AT rings can also be mounted to the Stellarvue Dual-Speed Focuser, or to a flat or curved surface. This is the lightest ring system Stellarvue makes, and it works great for Dobsonians.

Alignment of your scope's optics is easy when using the supplied nylon-tipped, stainless steel collimation screws. Preventing your finder from sliding away on the dovetail rail are safety stops. Lock your finder in place with featured thrumscrews, release it when your observation is over, and enjoy the luxury of keeping your alignment until your next observing session!