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Stellarvue 80 mm Finderscope Ring Set for Hinged Ring Mounting - R080ET


Stellarvue 80 mm Finder Scope Ring Set For Hinged Ring Mounting

  • Constructed from all aluminum with non-marring, stainless steel collimation screws

  • Stellarvue R80ET Finder Scope Mounting Rings accepts 80 mm finders and mounts on the top of Stellarvue and similar hinged tube rings

  • Threaded to accept 1/4-20" or 6mm screws

  • Stellarvue R80ET will mount to almost any OTA ring that measures roughly 1" wide with a 1/2-20 or 6mm threaded center hole

The Stellarvue R80ET Finder Scope Mounting Rings fit your Stellarvue 80 mm finder scope to the hinged ring assembly of your telescope's OTA. The R80ET base mounts on any OTA tube rings that are roughly 1" wide and have a pre-drilled center hole that accepts a 1/4-20" or 6mm screws. With an internal diameter of 3-7/8", the dual ring mount accepts that big, big finder. Non-marring, nylon-tipped stainless steel collimation screws hold the finder in place. To secure your finder, simply slide the assembly along the dovetail rail until it reaches its safety stop. Alignment with your main tube optics is possible with the featured collimation screws and once completed you are good to go. After observation release the dual ring assembly and store away. When you are ready to observe again, enjoy the luxury of collimation staying fixed from your previous observation session.