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Stellarvue Large Field Flattener with 42mm Threads for f/7 Refractors with 2.5" Focusers - SFF3-25-42

SKU: STV-SFF3-25-42

Stellarvue Photographic Field Flattener with 42mm Thread
For Large Chip Cameras & 2.5" Focuser

  • Stellarvue Photographic Field Flattener is designed for Large Chip Cameras and 2.5" Stellarvue or Feather Touch Focuser.

  • A DSLR camera with 42 mm t-ring threads to the SFF3-25.

  • The Large Chip Flattener threads to the rear of the 2.5" Focuser.

  • Designed for Stellarvue f-7 refractors.

The Stellarvue Large Chip Flattener was designed for Stellarvue f-7 refractors and for use with the 2.5" SV or FT Focuser. The flattener threads to the rear of the focuser, enabling a connection that is square and secure to the optical axis of the telescope. A DSLR camera with t-ring can thread to the large chip flattener. The SFF3-25 output side offers a male M68x1 thread. The SFF3-25 is a completely threaded mounting solution for larger chip cameras when used with the 2.5" SV or 2.5" FT Focuser.