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Stellarvue 2" Photographic Field Flattener for f/6 Telescopes - SFF6


Stellarvue 2" Photographic Field Flattener for f/6 Telescopes

  • Stellarvue SFF6 flattens the field of Stellarvue f/6 telescopes with 2" focusers.
  • Plugs directly into the focuser
  • Using a standard photographic t-thread, the camera can mount to the field flattener

The Stellarvue SFF6 Photographic Field Flattener for Astrophotography works with Stellarvue refractors with 2" focusers and focal lengths from 480 mm - 700 mm. To increase the in-focus image circle, this system will flatten the field photographically. The camera mounts directly to the field flattener by using a standard M42 photographic t-thread and the flattener plugs directly into the focuser.

For correct back focus spacing, it is critical that this field flattener be placed at a specific distance from the camera's internal ccd chip. Performance will suffer if this spacing is not exact. Stellarvue's stock flatteners are designed to be compatible with DSLR cameras. The distance between the t-ring and the DSLR's internal ccd sensor is approximately 55 mm. CCD Astronomy Cameras (non-DSLR) are not made to the same specifications. The distance from the thread on the front of the camera to the ccd sensor differs and is many times significantly under 55 mm. If the distance from the ccd sensor to the front thread is in fact less than 55 mm, threaded extension tube(s) and/or spacer rings must be purchased so that the proper backfocus distance of 55 mm from the back of the field flattener to the sensor is maintained.