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Stellarvue 80 mm f/6 Hand-Figured APO Triplet with 2.5" Focuser - SVX080T-25SV

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Stellarvue SVX80 APO Triplet Refractor Telescope
with 2.5" Focuser

Experience premium hand-figured optics with Stellarvue's 80mm f/6 APO Triplet. This scope reveals a superb viewing experience with its hand-crafted, 80mm apochromatic optics. Each 3-element fully multi-coated objective lens has been designed in Stellarvue's US-based shop and has been thoroughly inspected for superior quality. Astigmatism, spherical issues, coma, and trefoil are virtually eliminated thanks to Stellarvue's meticulous handcrafting and machining. Each accessory has been carefully paired with the SVX80, including 2.5" rack & pinion focuser, aluminum tube rings, and more! You can even get an optional 2" quartz diagonal! (See below for details)

The extreme broadband coatings on each lens allow more than 99% in the visual spectrum to pass through while eliminating reflections seen on CCD images. The relatively fast speed (f/6) and high Strehl optics make the Stellarvue 80mm APO Triplet an excellent wide field imaging telescope. The SVX80 is then rigorously tested at Stellarvue to make sure you will enjoy a breathtaking performance. Stellarvue has even included interferometric test reports so you can feel confident in your optical set's quality and level of perfection.

The Stellarvue SVX80 is housed in an aluminum tube with a fixed dew shield. The interior of the main tube is painted ultra flat black to eliminate reflections, and baffling in the focuser further helps with stray light. The rest of the telescope is made of black anodized aluminum. The mounting rings bolt directly to the tube to completely eliminate "felt" flexure. The standard SVX80 has a tube assembly and dew shield that is powder-coated in Instrument White.

The Stellarvue SVX80 comes with an over-sized heavy-duty 2.5" dual speed focuser with a smooth and accurate rotator. Uses this focuser with full-sized ccd chips to reduce vignetting! The 2.5" focuser eliminates vignetting that normally plagues smaller focusers. Also included are aluminum mounting rings and a heavy-duty hard case to protect your refractor wherever the skies take you.

About the Optional 2" Quartz Diagonal Deal - See Drop-Down Above

Save $50 on the Stellarvue 2" Quartz Diagonal when you purchase it together with this telescope. If you add the diagonal to your order it will be packed safely away in the included telescope case along with your new refractor. The Stellarvue diagonal uses a thick, oversized mirror polished to 1/10th wave. The mirror has a protective, dielectric coating with 99% reflectivity. It has a compression ring eyepiece tube and the insert tube is beveled to better seat the diagonal in the focuser. A rubber grip on the 2" tube allows for easy handling in cold climates. This 2" diagonal is assembled, adjusted and double tested at Stellarvue for perfect alignment and performance. The five-point cushion system eliminates pinching in all climates and the precision CNC machined components assure perfect alignment that stays that way. Use the focuser's 1.25" adapter with the diagonal when you want to view through your 1.25" eyepieces.

Stellarvue 80 mm f/6 APO Triplet Refractor Specifications

  • Objective Lens: 80 mm clear aperture with f/6 focal ratio and 480 mm focal length, apochromatic triplet with Premier Stellarvue Optics. Comes with test report.
  • Tube Assembly: Machined aluminum tube with external instrument white finish and "ultra flat black" interior.
  • Weight: 7 lbs. with rings attached.
  • Dimensions: 3.14" diameter and 18" long in travel mode with focuser threaded.
  • Dew Shield: Fixed 4" diameter aluminum dew shield with cap
  • Focuser: 2.5" dual speed rack and pinion focuser with 2" and 1.25" compression ring adapters.
  • Case: Thickly padded C20 airline carry-on case.