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Stellarvue is snuggled in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada in Northern California, and while life is quietly going on all around him, founder Vic Maris steadily works away at handcrafting some of the highest quality, and best-loved, refractors on the planet. We say best-loved, because how many telescope company presidents do you know who immerse themselves in the making of every product they sell? Not many, we're guessing. At any time of the day, one can find Vic Maris in his machine shop or optics lab, tweaking lenses or optical tube assemblies to his satisfaction. This dedication to providing amateur astronomers something he has helped make with his own hands has earned Vic quite a following, and we are confident that if you buy Stellarvue telescopes and accessories, you will become part of that following as well.

Stellarvue also has a full line of imaging refractors, designed for high-resolution photos and easy-to-use features.These fine instruments offer wide-field views and quality you can see. Let’s not forget about Stellarvue’s Access Telescopes. These Super ED doublet refractors are not only affordable but powerful tools as well.

While telescopes are definitely Stellarvue's main forte, they also offer some pretty nice telescope accessories. Straight-through and right-angle finder scopes, available in several apertures, are some of the most popular, and so are their dielectric diagonals. To get them just right, their staff tests each Stellarvue telescope. Now that's dedication, and it is a train that High Point is happy to hop aboard. Let us help you choose the right Stellarvue telescope and accessories, whether you are just starting out in the hobby of astronomy or want a portable, spectacular refractor to add to your imaging and observing arsenal. Get Stellarvue'd!

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  • Stellarvue Premier 130 mm f/5 Hand-Figured Sextuplet Astrograph
    Stellarvue Stellarvue Premier 130 mm f/5 Hand-Figured Sextuplet Astrograph - SVSX130
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