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Takahashi 2X Barlow - 1.25" - TKA00597


Takahashi 2X Barlow Lens - 1.25"

  • Designed for 1.25" focusers, the Takahashi 2x Barlow Extender delivers a 2X magnification factor.

  • The Takahashi Barlow Extender contains internal threads that are anit-reflective coated for maximum contrast.

  • Takahashi 2X Barlow Extender was designed to be used before star diagonal for maximum magnification performance and employs brass compression ring fittings for non-marring capabilities and to secure positioning eyepieces.

  • Takahashi 2X Barlow Extender is a fully multi-coated, achromatic double with twistable collar that tightens to hold eyepieces securely in place.

It is hard to find a good quality Barlow lens to match up with the color correction of Takahashi apochromatic fluorite refractors, but Takahashi has designed the 2x Barlow Extender to do just that! The 2X Barlow has a 1.25" Extender and was designed to be used in the optical path before a star diagonal to provide 2X magnification factor. The 2X Barlow Extender is a two-element achromatic doublet that is fully multi-coated with internally blackened threads for maximum contrast. It's short (3.5") means it can also be used in the optical path after a diagonal as well but the magnification factor will be diminished.

The Takahashi 2X Barlow 1.25" Extender was designed with a non-marring compression ring interior to securely hold your eyepieces in its proper position. This prevents the use of tiny screws which get lost easily and the non-marring design employs a knurled, twistable collar to tighten everything into perfect place.