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Takahashi CA35 DSLR Wide Mount Adapter - TKA23201


Takahashi CA35 DSLR Wide Mount Adapter

  • New Product Number: TKA232011
  • Old Product Number: TCA1030

The Takahashi CA35 Adapter, which is #70 on System Charts, has male M72 threads on the telescope side and female M54 threads on the accessory side. It is commonly used for DSLR imaging and accepts the Wide Mount Nikon or Canon EOS T-Ring, which in turn bayonet mounts to the appropriate DSLR camera body. When used with TSA, FC, or FS telescopes, or the TOA-130, the CA35 threads into the Coupling TW (TKP31003) or a Vari-Ring (TKA31581) which is attached to a reducer or flattener. Other parts may be required for certain set-ups, especially if you will be stepping down from a large format reducer or flattener.