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Takahashi Coupling TW - TKP31003


Takahashi Coupling TW Adapter< /br>for 4" Focusers

  • New Product Number: TKP31003
  • Old Product Number: TPQ1063

This Takahashi Coupling Adapter is #8 on the system charts of scopes with 4" focusers, such as the TOA-130NFB or the TOA-150B. The TW Coupling is designed to thread onto the CAA, or Camera Angle Adjuster, that is, in turn, attached to the 4" focuser. From there, its female threads will connect to the 2" Ocular Adapter (TKP27110), which will allow you to insert accessories with 2" barrels, such as the Takahashi 2" Diagonal, the CA-35 Camera Adapter (TKA31201), or an Extender or Flattener. The Coupling TW will also accept the Reducer for the TOA-130NFB (TKA32580A) or the TOA-150B (TKA32580B).