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Takahashi CA-35 Adapter - 2" - TKA31201


Takahashi CA-35 Adapter - 2"

  • New Product Number: TKA31201
  • Old Product Number: TOA1050

The Takahashi CA-35 Adapter has a 2" barrel on the telescope side and female M54 threads on the accessory side. It is commonly used for DSLR imaging and accepts the Wide Mount Nikon or Canon EOS T-Ring, which in turn bayonet mounts to the appropriate DSLR camera body. On the scope side, the CA-35 normally slides into the 2" opening of the 2" Eyepiece Adapter TKP27110, which threads directly to the 2.7" focusers of the TOA-130NS, the TSA-120, or the TSA-102.

This 2" Adapter can be used with the TOA-130 NSB and TOA-150B as well, although their 4" focuser will require adaptation between the focuser and TKP27110 2" Adapter.