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M-210 Reflector

Takahashi Mewlon M-210 Reflector - TLK21000

  • Optical Design: Corrected Dall-Kirkham
  • Telescope Aperture: 210mm (8.3")
  • Focal Ratio: f/11.5
  • Telescope Mount Type: No Mount - OTA Only
  • Type of Electronics: OTA Only - No Electronics
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Takahashi develops some of the finest Japanese optics available today. Their astrographs and refractors are used by professional astrophotographers all over the world. But that’s not to say hobbyists will not benefit from Takahashi telescopes and accessories as well. Their impressive imaging systems produce excellent images even from your backyard or from light polluted areas.

All you have to do is take a glance at their Facebook and Instagram pages to see the stunning images Takahashi telescopes and accessories produce. Deep space objects are brought to life by astrophotographers and hobbyists alike. From the majestic Elephant’s Trunk Nebula, to the vast Triangulum Galaxy, anything is possible with Takahashi!

From their manufacturing facilities in Urii, Japan, and their headquarters in Tokyo, Japan, Takahashi designs and creates optical tube assemblies, mounts, oculars and accessories for best-in-class astronomical observing and astrophotography. Check out their full line of astronomy equipment here at High Point Scientific!

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