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Tasco 60mm Refractor Telescope and 1200x Microscope Kit - 30060402CM

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SKU: TAS-30060402CM

Tasco 60mm Refractor Telescope
with 1200X Microscope & Accessories

With the Tasco 402x60 Refractor Telescope and 1200x Microscope, you can let your kids familiarize themselves with outer space and inner space! This beginner refractor telescope and 1200x microscope set will open their eyes to the very large and distant objects in the heavens, as well as the very small and near objects that comprise the world we live in.

60mm telescope for astronomy and daytime use

The Tasco 60mm refractor telescope offers a user-friendly design and enough power to get acquainted with the night sky. A 2x Barlow lens, finderscope, and full-size tripod are included to help put stars and heavenly bodies in clear view. Since we also throw in a 35x land-viewing eyepiece, you'll still get plenty of use during daylight hours as you observe landscapes, nature, and more.

Beginner's microscope magnifies up to 1200x

The Tasco microscope boasts a magnification power of up to 1200x, so you can get an up-close-and-personal view of just about anything you can place on a slide. Speaking of slides, you'll get some of those along with slide covers, dyes, and other essentials in the included 19-piece accessory kit.

Encourage curiosity!

At such an attractive price point, this affordable telescope and microscope package is a sound investment for kids curious about biology, astronomy, or science in general. A terrific way to give children a head start, or for curious minds of any age!