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Telegizmos 365 Series Cover For 3" - 4" Mounted Refractor Telescopes - T3R4

  • Case/Cover Dimensions (LxWxH): 30" Long
  • Known to Fit: 3" - 4" Mounted Refractor Telescopes

Telegizmos 365 Series Tripod Cover - Dual Layer - T3TP-S

  • Case/Cover Dimensions (LxWxH): 27" x 50" x 52"
  • Known to Fit: All Tripods that Match the Dimensions: Leg spread up to 50 inches, leg height up to 52 inches. The maximum circumference of top opening with cover closed 27 inches (9 inch diameter)

Telegizmos Objective Cover for 4" Refractor Telescopes - TGQC

  • Case/Cover Dimensions (LxWxH): 8" x 4" x 4"
  • Known to Fit: 4" Refractor Telescopes

TeleGizmos Cover For 4" Refractor Telescopes - TGR4

  • Case/Cover Dimensions (LxWxH): 11" x 11" x 4"
  • Known to Fit: 4" Refractor Telescopes with up to 28" in Tube Length

TeleGizmos Cover For 6" Refractor Telescopes - TGR6

  • Case/Cover Dimensions (LxWxH): 11" x 11" x 4"
  • Known to Fit: 6" Refractor Telescopes That are Up to 58" Tube Length

Telegizmos Cover For Telescope Red Dot Finders - TGRD

  • Known to Fit: Telescope Red Dot Finders

TeleGizmos has become known for their innovative 365 Series covers. The 365 Series covers feature a dual material, multi-layered design. This design utilizes a unique Solar Cover material for the inner radiant barrier and an acrylic coated woven polyester outer cover. This combination of materials creates an impressive cover system, giving your telescope protection outdoors for years to come, even when used 24 per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year.

All TeleGizmos cover undergo rigorous testing, In fact, the Series 365 covers are tested in some of the harshest climates in the US. From the high elevations of Colorado to the Florida Keys, these covers are able to withstand it all with its dual-layer system. The inner liner provides radiant heat protection and prevents dew and moisture build up. The outer layer prevents mildew and UV from harming your optics in an abrasion-resistant polyester fabric. The fabric has been tested to prevent moisture penetration from a spray test at 40 PSI, 1/2 inch concentrated stream. Therefore, you can rest assured your equipment will be safe from moisture, UV, and heat when using the Series 365 cover.

TeleGizmos also designs durable covers for short-term use. Their standard covers are great for intermittent or temporary use with their multi-layer, polyethylene design. The material was initially constructed for NASA as an insulator in spacecrafts. It is very strong, lightweight, tear and puncture resistant. Use a standard cover when fast-moving clouds get in the way of your observations. The cover will stay secured to your scope and can easily come off later. These can also be used if a sudden gust of wind blows through your location. The durable material will protect your equipment from any dust, dirt, and debris.

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