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TeleGizmos Standard Reflective Tripod Cover - TGTP

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TeleGizmos Standard Cover for Telescope Tripod

TeleGizmos makes the most durable telescope covers on the market! The new TeleGizmos Scope Cover is a multi-layer, polyethylene material with a fully aluminized surface. The heat reflective ability of the cover is extremely high with a material strength equal to a multi-layer lightweight tarp. The material was originally developed for NASA as an insulator in spacecraft. It is very strong, light, tear and puncture resistant and is highly superior to Mylar in durability. And the benefits of the covers are great. They are extremely durable and will last for years. The Telegizmos covers are waterproof, washable, and highly reflective. The cover is held together by double lap seams for extra strength, while the substantiality of the cover is unaffected by high wind. This material has extreme temperature tolerance and will not lose its shape or composition in the extreme heat or cold. All in all, you get a great telescope cover for the money!

The TeleGizmos TGTP Tripod Cover is a three-panel cover that opens full length on one side. Once wrapped around your tripod, the open side of the cover seals shut with a full-length Velcro fastening system. Heavy-duty 1" welting is wrapped around the top and bottom of the cover. A 2" welting is used on the open seam and has the Velcro fastening system sewn on to it. Four 2 inch spring clamps are included for securing the cover to the lower part of the legs or elsewhere as needed. Used in conjunction with any TeleGizmos scope cover, you now can protect your entire system from top to bottom.

Many users leave the cover on their tripod while observing or imaging if conditions are particularly dewy. The adjustable top opening allows the user to place the cover over the mount's motor drives and electronics, protecting these components from moisture. Accessory trays can still be accessed by opening the Velcro enough to reach inside the cover.

The TGTP fits all tripods with the following dimensions:

  • Leg Spread:  Up to 50 inches
  • Leg Height:  Up to 52 inches
  • Maximum circumference of Top Opening with Cover Closed:  27 inches (9-inch diameter)

The top opening can be adjusted to a snug fit around the mount using a supplied 2" pony spring clamp. Three more 2" clamps are provided to aid in wrapping and securing the cover to the tripod legs.