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Tele Vue BinoVue with Corrector

Tele Vue Bino Vue Binoviewer with 2x Corrector - BVP-2002

  • Adding this Tele Vue Bino Vue Binoviewer lets users use both eyes with SCT or Mak telescopes.

  • This binoviewer has 27 mm aperture prisms.

  • The 2x corrector compensates for introduction of spherical, color, and astigmatism in prisms.

  • Tele Vue has designed the binoviewer to have a drop in installation for 1.25" eyepieces.
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Tele Vue Bino Vue Body For SCT and Mak Telescopes - BVB-2003

  • This Bino Vue Body is made for Schmidt-Cassegrain and Maksutov Cassegrain telescopes.

  • Tele Vue's Bino Vue Body has 27 mm aperture prisms.

  • This bino viewer is incredible to use with a simple drop-in installation.

  • Tele Vue has coated the Bino Vue body with multi-coatings and dielectric beamsplitter coatings.
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