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Tele Vue Focal Reducer Body Adapter for 2" Focuser - RAD-1074

  • This adapter makes TeleVue focal reducers compatible with standard 2" focusers.
  • Enables the use of Tele Vue 0.8x Reducers (NPR-1073 or RFL-4087) on NP101, NP127, or TV102 telescopes.
  • Not suitable for use with NP101, NP127, and TV102 "is" models.

Tele Vue 2" Tunable Top with 1.25" Adapter - ATT-2125

  • This Tele Vue 2" Tunable Top with 1.25" Adapter is identical to the one included the TeleVue 2" Paracorr Type 2.
  • Works in conjunction with the Tele Vue Visual/Imaging System Adapter (VISA) to enable the 3" BIG Paracorr for visual applications.
  • Attaches to the TeleVue VISA which is in turn attached to the 3" BIG Paracorr following removal of the flange.
  • Included adapter enables the use of 1.25” eyepieces.