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Tele Vue Starbeam for TV Telescopes - SFT-2003


Tele Vue Starbeam for T-V Telescopes

Starbeam's unique flip mirror feature provides comfort and flexibility for viewing at any angle from straight through to 90°. Viewed straight through, you see the natural sky with a 10 arcminute (1/3 Moon diameter) "red-star" showing your scope's position. When your scope is pointed high, flip the mirror into position for more comfortable viewing. Viewed this way, the sky orientation matches a refractor or SCT's image. The size, color and adjustable brightness of the "red-star" makes it easy to see against any twilight to dark sky background. With its 39 mm aperture, the projected image is easily seen any distance behind Starbeam, whether 2 inches or 2 feet! The finely made glass lens acts as a beamsplitter to combine the natural sky background with the superimposed red pointing "star." The first lens surface acts as a collimating mirror so the "red-star" stays stationary against the sky background regardless of how it is viewed.

Its 6 arcminute accuracy over any eye position allows you to pin-point objects easily. Includes a base with adjustments to allow you to easily align the Starbeam to your Tele Vue telescope OTA.