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Tele Vue Tele-Pod Advanced Alt-Azimuth Mount - TPM-3015

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TeleVue Advanced Tele-Pod Mount

Tele Vue's Tele-Pod Mount is a handy, user-friendly travel mount for Tele Vue telescopes. It blends the compact size, light weight, and adaptability of a photo-tripod, with the Tele Vue yoke and cradle mount head's smooth, balanced alt-az motions. Optimally suited for lighter instruments such as the TV-60, TV-76, or even the TV-85 when used for terrestrial purposes.

The Tele-Pod is made up of the mount head which provides support for the telescope and enables vertical and horizontal motion, and the aluminum tripod with rubber feet which provides support for the head and allows the scope height to be adjusted. The mount head sports smooth performing altitude and azimuth bearings with tension adjustments, Delrin scope stop in the event of an unintended objective "nose dive," and 3/8-16 as well as 1/4-20 attachment holes on the underside of the azimuth bearing plate.