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Televue Accessory X-Y Mount - AAM-0001


Tele Vue Accessory X-Y Mount

The Tele Vue AAM-0001 is part of the AAC-0002 X-Y Adjustable Mount System, which consists of three sections (AAM-0001, MBC-1001, and SAB-1001) that can be used in multiple applications.

This system allows your Tele Vue TV 60 Finder to become a rapid finder which can be quickly placed on and off during field use (almost like a photographic quick release system for an SLR camera). The TV 60 slides snugly in to the AAM-001 X-Y Mount which then screws into the MBC-1001 Mounting Block via two #10-32 button head screws. The entire component attaches to the SAB-1001 Accessory Bracket which is then ready to be mounted to your SCT.

The AAC-0002 X-Y Adjustable Mount System is for quick installation of the Tele Vue 60 to Schmidt-Cassegrain scopes 8" or larger for use as a "superfinder", or to attach to a Tele Vue Ring Mount. This product, the Tele Vue Accessory X-Y Mount (AAM-0001) is one of three parts of this system just described!

Note! Most SCTs will come with accommodating screws allowing the owner to create the AAC-0002 Adjustable Mounting System.