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Tele Vue Eyepiece Adapter for Dioptrx and FoneMate - All Type 6 Naglers - DNA-6000


Tele Vue Adapter for Nagler Type 6 Eyepieces
To Install Dioptrx or FoneMate

The Tele Vue Adapter for NT6 Eyepieces converts Nagler Type 6 eyepieces, which have a smaller eyeguard, to a larger eyeguard size, allowing Dioptrx-series astigmatism correctors or the FoneMate Smartphone Adapter to be installed. Note that these eyepieces have shorter eye relief than others recommended for Dioptrx, so to minimize any vignetting, it's best to use these for deep-sky applications where your eye pupil is large.

The Dioptrx astigmatism correcting lens allows those with astigmatic vision to enjoy the sharpest viewing experience they've ever had, without wearing their glasses. So for this application, the Tele Vue Dioptrx Adapter for Nagler Type 6 Eyepieces is the required accessory for using a Dioptrx-series astigmatism corrector. The Tele Vue FoneMate Adapter attaches to Nagler Type 6 eyepieces with the help of the DNA-6000 adapter. Once connected, the FoneMate will hold a smartphone and allow a-focal photography.