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William Optics

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William Optics 1.25" RotoLock Adapter - Gold - F-ROTO-A2-125GDII

  • This Rotolock adapter locks into the 2” opening of a WO Rotolock diagonal or focuser.
  • This is a steppingstone to attaching 1.25” barreled accessories.
  • Rotating the adapter ring will lock and unlock the inserted accessory into place.
  • Using this adapter will ensure that your accessory is centered.

William Optics Nosepiece for 2" Diagonal - WD-DIG2A

  • This nosepiece converts a standard 2" SCT into a "push in" 2" diagonal.
  • To use this tool, replace the SCT adapter with the nosepiece.
  • Please note that this WO nosepiece will not work with 1.25" diagonals or 2" diagonals that have a built-in SCT mounting ring.
  • This is a great way to change your SCT diagonal to a "refractor type" diagonal.
William Optics SCT RotoLock Adapter & Visual Back - 1.25"

William Optics 1.25" SCT RotoLock Adapter & Visual Back - F-ROTO-A2-125-SCT-TA

  • One side of this adapter has an SCT thread and the other has a standard 1.25" Rotolock visual back.

  • Simply rotating the adapter will unlock and lock the inserted accessory into place.

  • The design of the adapter will firmly hold and center the accessory.

  • William Optics has utilized internal ball bearings and detents in this design.
William Optics SCT Adapter for Standard 2" Diagonal Gold

William Optics SCT Adapter for Standard 2" Diagonal - Gold - D-SCT-TA

  • This adapter coverts the 2" push-in diagonal into an SCT diagonal.

  • All you have to do is replace the push-in nosepiece with this adapter.

  • WO has designed the adapter to have standard SCT female thread (2" & 24 TPI).

  • This SCT Adapter is anodized gold.

William Optics provides quality refractors, mounts, and accessories such as eyepieces, diagonals, and mounting hardware for amateur astronomers around the world. The CEO of the company is David Yang, an avid amateur astronomer and bird-watcher who feels strongly about offering premium optics to everyone with an interest in astronomy or nature, and not just to those with plenty of cash to spare.

When William Yang was a child, he thumbed through the pages of Sky & Telescope magazine and gazed at the beautiful images of our universe laid before him. His family could not afford to buy him a telescope, but he could dream of a day when he would be able to photograph galaxies and nebulae like the astrophotographers he admired so much. In 1986, David saved up all summer to buy a telescope to watch Halley's Comet, but before that he tried his hand at building his own telescopes with whatever supplies he could find; he even "borrowed" his grandmother's eyeglasses to use as the lenses for his first refractor!

In 1996, David opened William Optics in Taiwan. Four years later, in 2000, William Optics USA began by offering their break-out 80mm Megrez refractor to consumers in the United States. The quality, as well as the price, was amazing, and before long, William Optics had positioned themselves as one of the world leaders in fast, highly portable quality refractors.

William Optics also makes some great telescope accessories. Their WO Diagonals are celebrated the world over for their machining and optical quality, and their Ultra Wide Angle (UWA) and Super Wide Angle (SWA) eyepieces, with their unusual jet-black insertion barrels, have come to be known for their quality, but at an affordable price. We think William Yang has achieved what he set out to do; providing "More Quality for Less Money"; and we look forward to what he plans to do next!