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William Optics 0.8x Reducer/Flattener - P-FLAT7A


William Optics 0.8x Reducer/Flattener

This William Optics Adjustable 0.8x Reducer/Flattener has is a great tool for those looking to increase their image quality. Made with Ohara optical glass, William Optics has designed the reducer/flattener to be full frame ready! It has been designed to work with several different full frame camera types, whether they are CMOS or CCD. The flattener is know to work with the following:

  • M4/3
  • Nikon
  • Canon
  • Sony α
  • Pentax
  • FUJI


On the focuser side of the reducer/flattener there is an M92 thread for the focuser. It can also connect to M48 T-Mounts and M48 threaded filters.

Adjustment Distanance for DSLR or Mirrorless Camera

  • FLT132: 14.24 mm
  • FLT156: 10.29 mm
  • GT102: 15.6 mm
  • GT153: 10.41 mm
  • Z126: 12.76 mm

Back Focus

  • FLT132: 69.24 mm
  • FLT156: 65.3 mm
  • GT102: 70.6 mm
  • GT153: 65.4 mm
  • Z126: 67.76 mm

Image Circle

  • FLT132: ⌀ 44.4 mm
  • FLT156: ⌀ 44.4 mm
  • GT102: ⌀ 44.4 mm
  • GT153: ⌀ 44.4 mm
  • Z126: ⌀ 43.4 mm

How to Connect the Flattener

To connect the flattener, you will not a 1.5 mm hex screwdriver

First, disconnect the RotoLock or eyepiece adapter, and then connect the reducer/flattener to the M92 thread on the telescope.