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William Optics RotoLock Upgrade for WO 2" Diagonals - D-ROTO-A2


William Optics 2" RotoLock Upgrade for 2" WO Diagonals

The William Optics D-ROTO-A2 RotoLock eyepiece adapter/visual back uses a flange to connect to most 2" William Optics Diagonals, like the DuraBright Dielectric Diagonal. Once the RotoLock upgrade is added, it will transform your diagonal into a RotoLock model with the convenience and reliable hold provided by the RotoLock system.

To use the 2" RotoLock, rotate the adapter ring clockwise a small amount to lock any inserted accessory or counter-clockwise to release the accessory. The innovative design ensures that you get a very solid hold and the accessory is perfectly centered every time. No thumbscrews to worry about! The internal ball bearings and detents make this adapter a joy to use.

This William Optics 2" RotoLock adapter is 49mm long, with an outer diameter of 75mm. It comes with a plastic protective dust cover that inserts into the 2" opening to keep dust out when not in use.