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Zhumell 25x30 Bring 'Em Near Pirate Brass Spyglass - ZHUI016-1


Zhumell 25x30 Brass Spyglass

With this vintage style 25x30 Brass Spyglass from Zhumell, you can make believe you're back in the days when pirates roamed the high seas. Blackbeard himself may have used a similar telescope to scan the horizon for treasure ships.

Old Meets New

Even though it has a classic collapsible design with burnished brass barrels, the Zhumell 25x30 Bring 'Em Near Pirate Spyglass is state-of-the-art in many ways:

  • Optimal light transmission and image sharpness across the entire field of view is ensured by the magnesium fluoride-coated 30 mm objective lens and eyepiece.
  • Generous 15 mm eye relief for comfortable viewing for those who wear eyeglasses.
  • 25x magnification power brings objects nearer as the name implies.
  • Bottom barrel features a knurled knob for fast twist focus.

This Zhumell 25x30 Spyglass delivers the perfect combination of 21st-century optics and 17th-century style.