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Zhumell 9x27 FMC Roof Prism Binoculars - ZHUV010-1


Zhumell 9x27 FMC Roof Prism Binoculars

For those in search of a multi-functional binocular adaptable to a variety of outdoor activities, these Zhumell 9x27 Binoculars are the optimal choice. Constructed with versatility in mind, these roof prism binoculars are the perfect companion for sporting events, concerts, nature viewing, and more. No matter the situation, these binoculars will be ready to deliver bright, high resolution views.

With a unique 9x magnification and 27 mm objective lenses, these Zhumell 9x27 binoculars achieve ideal balance between size, magnification, and light gathering capability. The 9x magnification provided by this model is a nice mid-range option between more typical 8x and 10x power binoculars. Without sacrificing field of view, objects will appear to be much closer in comparison to 8x models. In addition, at 27 mm, the objective lenses are still small enough to allow these binoculars to maintain their compact status, while offering a tiny light gathering boost for observing in faint conditions.

Internally, Zhumell's 9x27 FMC Binoculars offer exceptional optical bang for your buck. Fully multi-coated optics enable maximum light transmission for brilliant, distinct views. Nitrogen-purged spacing between the lenses eliminates internal fogging, while full waterproofing allows these binoculars to be used in bad weather without damage. Plus, a tough rubber armor coats the exterior of these binoculars.

Use these Zhumell roof prism binoculars to easily achieve the perfect view. With a compact size that forms a convenient fit to your hand, these binoculars are light enough to be comfortably held steady so you can follow the action. This binocular model also features a large, textured focus knob for bringing your subject into sharp focus quickly. With these Zhumell 9x27 binoculars by your side, no detail will go unseen.