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ZWO 1.25" Low Profile Cover for Use with PST - ASILPC


ZWO Low Profile Adapter
for Uncooled ASI Cameras & PST Solar Telescope

This ZWO ASI imaging camera adapter can be used on all uncooled ASI cameras to reduce the back focus distance to around 5mm. This will allow you to achieve focus on instruments with a very short back focus distance, such as the Coronado PST. To use this adapter, unscrew and remove the old cover and simply screw in the new one.* The Low Profile Adapter has an M59 thread diameter and 0.75 pitch.

* When you install the LPA, please make sure it is on a flat surface with the lens pointed upwards. If it is not in this orientation the glass that shields the sensor may fall out which can cause dust to get on the sensor.

Please Note: If you have an ASI174MM or MC, you will need an external 1.25" filter (sold separately) to protect the sensor when using the Low Profile Adapter, as the adapter will expose the sensor window due to the design of the camera's normal cover. We recommend the HPS 1.25" IR Blocking Filter (IRBF1) for this purpose, but any 1.25" clear glass, luminance or IR-block filter would work fine since you will be imaging with an H-Alpha telescope (PST) through this temporary window.