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ZWO Astronomy Cameras

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ZWO Nikon Lens Adapter for ASI1600 and EFW

ZWO M48 Nikon Lens Adapter for ASI1600 & EFW - EFW-NIKON

  • DSLR, SLR or Mirrorless Adapters by Brand: Nikon
  • Threads: M48x0.75
  • Extended Length: 20.5 mm
  • Compatible with ASI1600 cameras and EFW Electronic Filter Wheel
ZWO Nikon-T2 Adapter and T2 Extender

ZWO M48 T2 Nikon Lens Adapter for All ASI Cameras - NIKON-T2

  • DSLR, SLR or Mirrorless Adapters by Brand: Nikon
  • Threads: Wide 48 mm T2 Mount
  • Required Backfocus: 12.5 mm with extender, 17.5 mm without extender
  • Compatible with most ZWO ASI cameras
ZWO Nikon M54 Adapter for ASI Full Frame Cameras

ZWO M54 Nikon Lens Adapter for Full Frame ASI Cameras - NIKON-M54

  • DSLR, SLR or Mirrorless Adapters by Brand: Nikon
  • Threads: 54 mm
  • Backfocus: 17.5 mm
  • Compatible with ZWO full frame cameras

Perhaps the most innovative Astronomy Camera company of the last few years ZWO keeps innovating! Their newest cameras the ZWO ASI1600 and the ZWO ASI071 offer bigger and better sensors and are priced considerably less then the competition! ZWO's ASI Monochrome and Color astronomy cameras aren't new the the amateur astronomy community though. Astrophotographers have been using ZWO CMOS Cameras to capture images of the Sun, Moon, Planets, Galaxies & Nebulae for years! Thats because ZWO imagers feature a multitude of frame rate settings which max out at 215 frames per second at reduced resolution. This characteristic gives astro photographers unprecedented flexibility while imaging. The body of each ZWO camera is beautifully CNC machined and comes equipped with ST4 Auto Guider Ports, USB 2.o or 3.0 ports, and many models come with 2-stage TEC regulated cooling! An optional, and very affordable, five position 1.25" filter wheel and an LRGB filter set can be added to the monochrome version of the ZWO cameras for a complete imaging set-up! What's even better is that ZWO recently added an entire line of electronic filter wheels and narrow band filters to their product assortment!

The brain behind ZWO cameras, filters, and astronomy accessories is that of Sam Wen. Sam's commitment to innovation and quality is on point as he eats, breathes and drinks imaging. High Point Scientific was fortunate enough to get a tour of ZWO's facility in SuZhou, China and to say we were impressed by their facility, their controls and their commitment to quality would be an understatement. When you buy a ZWO Camera or Accessory you can be sure that you are buying the very best in mid-range amateur imaging.

Our customers have been capturing amazing images of the night sky with ZWO CMOS Cameras! High Point Scientific has more experience selling ZWO Cameras than anyone else in North America. Our ZWO Camera Experts are available to build an imaging package that is right for you. Give us a call at 800.266.9590 for a consultation or email us at for recommendations. We look forward helping you build an amazing imaging package!

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