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ZWO OAG with updated set screws

ZWO OAG Off-Axis Guider - OAG

  • This ZWO OAG Off-Axis Guider includes several adapters for connecting your guide camera to your imaging camera.
  • Allows simultaneous guiding and imaging without a guide scope.
  • Made of durable black anodized machined aluminum, the ZWO OAG is compatible with all ZWO ASI cameras.
  • Measuring 16.5 mm in thickness, this lightweight OAG features a large 8 mm x 8 mm prism.
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ZWO M68 Off-Axis Guider - M68-OAG

  • This ZWO Off-Axis Guider is lightweight with its 17.5mm thickness.
  • The M68 Off-Axis Guider is compatible with the ASI6200MM Pro Camera and ASI mini camera only.
  • The prism helps with selecting the star best suited for your guiding needs.
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