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ZWO M68 Off-Axis Guider - M68-OAG

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ZWO M68 Off-Axis Guider

This lightweight and high quality M68 Off-Axis Guider from ZWO is the perfect accessory for astroimagers looking to create the perfect guiding system for their setup.

The 17.5mm thickness lends to the lightweight quality of the guider. ZWO has designed the M68 Off-Axis Guider to be easy to use. It connects to the imaging camera and the guide camera simultaneously. The connection is extremely stable, so users can be rest assured that their equipment will be safe while in use.

ZWO Off-Axis guider is compatible with ASI6200MM Pro camera only. When it comes to guiding, the guider is compatible with the ASI mini camera.

If you are looking for connection methods, you can find those on ZWO's website through an article titled "Connection methods of ASI6200MM Pro, 2” EFW and M68 OAG"