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Celestron Omni XLT AZ 130 mm Newtonian - 22152

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SKU: CEL-22152
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Celestron OMNI AZ MOUNT - Sturdy & Easy to Use

The mount is an integral part of any telescope, and Celestron has designed their best Alt-Azimuth mount ever for the Omni XLT AZ telescope line.  The worm gears and slip clutches on both axes provide smooth, easy motion when moving the Omni XLT AZ mount, whether you are moving across the sky to point at your favorite planet or tracking that planet to study subtle markings and details.   The tripod that comes with your Celestron 130 mm AZ Omni XLT is sturdy and sets up in minutes without tools.

5" of Aperture Provide STUNNING VIEWS

The Celestron 130 mm Omni AZ is the largest model in the Omni line, and is the ideal telescope for fast, easy celestial observations. A dual-position arm can be raked back for pointing higher in the sky, or adjusted to point downward for viewing objects nearer the horizon. Weighing in at just over 17 pounds, the 130 mm Omni AZ is perfectly sized for balconies, high windows, and observation decks, and will provide your family with awesome views of the Moon, planets, and brighter deep-sky objects such as galaxies, nebulae, and star clusters.


The parabolic mirror of this Newtonian reflector telescope is fully coated with XLT optical coatings. This proprietary technology—found on Celestron's observatory-grade telescopes—ensures maximum light transmission and Omni’s signature crisp views.

The 130 mm reflector provides enough light-gathering ability to view all the best celestial objects in the solar system and beyond. The 5" f/5 telescope’s wide field of view allows you to appreciate large objects such as the Pleiades Star Cluster, Andromeda Galaxy, or simply panning the Milky Way. Your Omni AZ telescope includes a high-quality 25 mm Plossl eyepiece!


Zero in on your subject quickly and accurately with the Celestron StarPointer Pro reticle finder scope, which comes standard with all Omni XLT AZ telescopes. Instead of a red dot, which can obscure your target, the StarPointer Pro projects a dual circle reticle. Place your subject in the center of the circles, and you’re ready to view it with your Omni AZ telescope. It’s that easy.