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Hotech 1.25" SCA T-Adapter - SCA-TA125


Hotech 1.25" SCA T-Adapter

The Hotech 1.25" SCA T-Adapter loads perfectly into your visual back and provides a secure adaption. This will give allow you to conduct your astrophotography sessions with the camera of your choice to get the best image possible!


This SCA gives a 360-degree rubber square rings to secure adaption to your focuser and reduce drawtube/visual back slop. It also brings the camera to the closest optical axis in the visual back. This gives an ideal imaging result. Also, the profile prevents oscillation, dampens vibration, and accepts a filter thread.

Short profile design keeps the installed camera stable from low frequency oscillation transferred from the telescope in a windy environment. The back focus of the 1.25" SCA T-Adapter is 18mm (0.71"), measured from draw tube shoulder to the bottom T-Thread.

SCA Damps Vibration

The all-around adjustable tightness of the rubber contact dampens unwanted vibrations from the telescope and provides you with a sturdy attachment on your telescope for a stable image capture.

SCA Accepts Filter Thread

The Hotech 1.25” T-Adapter has built-in 1.25” filter thread.