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Stellarvue CA6 Digiscope Adapter for 1.25" Eyepieces - CA006


Stellarvue CA6 1.25” Digiscope Adapter

Have you ever tried to hold your point-and-shoot camera up to the eyepiece of your telescope to record an image? If so, you were probably disappointed with the outcome. It is not that a “land” camera can’t take a good picture of a celestial object; the problem lies with a person’s inability to hold still enough to take a sharp photograph at high magnifications. The Stellarvue Digiscope Adapter solves this problem by holding your camera up to the eyepiece for you!

This Stellarvue Digiscope Adapter is designed to grab onto most any 1.25” eyepiece. The diameter of the grip adjusts so that it will snug up against the eyepiece. The user’s camera sits just behind the eyepiece grip, and is held in place with a 1/4-20 screw that threads into the bottom of the camera. All you have to do from there is slide the camera into position, and take a picture!

A Few Hints:

  • Remember to turn the flash off :-)
  • When taking pictures of bright objects, your automatic camera should have no trouble focusing. However, for dimmer objects, you may find that your camera can’t find focus. Play with your camera’s various focusing modes to see which option works best.
  • The higher the magnification, the more important it will be to use a cable release to fire off your shots. Touching the camera shutter button can cause camera shake and result in less sharp images, so take that into consideration when choosing your eyepiece.