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Celestron ExploraScope 70AZ Refractor Telescope - 22101

SKU: CEL-22101

Celestron 70mm Alt-Azimuth ExploraScope Refractor

The Celestron ExploraScope 70AZ Refractor is the perfect "first" telescope for anyone who wants to explore the Universe! This Celestron 70mm refractor telescope sports glass optics that are capable of gathering 100X more light than the unaided eye, and capturing light is what astronomy's all about! With the 70mm ExploraScope and an eyepiece you'll be able to observe hundreds of celestial objects, from an up-close-and-personal experience with the Moon to galaxies and other deep sky objects that are millions of miles from Earth. You can even enjoy terrestrial viewing with your telescope! Set it up on your deck, in your backyard, or take it on outings to get a closer look at wildlife, whales, ships, birds, and more.

Weighing just a tad over 6 pounds, the Celestron ExploraScope 70AZ is very lightweight and easy to set up, move, and store. The included aluminum tripod has adjustable legs so you can vary the height of the telescope, and the easy-to-use alt-azimuth mount comes equipped with a handle, making it a piece of cake to follow objects through the sky as the earth rotates. A classic red dot finder, or StarPointer, is included with your Celestron 70mm refractor telescope. Once aligned, all you have to do is point the illuminated red dot to the object you'd like to get a closer look at, and then peer into the eyepiece to see a magnified view. You will be amazed at how easy the ExploraScope is to use, and how fast your guests and/or children will learn how to star-gaze on their own.

Other accessories packaged with the 70AZ besides the StarPointer finderscope include two eyepieces, a 3X Barlow lens to triple the magnification of any 1.25" eyepiece, and a 90-Degree Erect Image diagonal. The 1.25" rack-and-pinion focuser will accept a wide range of astronomical accessories, including the aforementioned diagonal, and you can add to your 1.25" eyepiece collection to expand your magnification choices as you desire. You will also receive access to a free app from Celestron. SkyPortal can be loaded onto a smartphone or tablet (iOS or Android) and will help you find objects and teach you more about the night sky.