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Telescope Clearance

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Baader 1.25" to 2" ClickLock Expansion Adapter - CLEXA-2

  • This adapter is designed to allow observers a change to use 2" eyepieces with 1.25" diagonals and focusers.

  • The Clicklock Expansion Adapter is threaded for 1.25" filters.

  • Baader's Clicklock adapter has T-2 photo threads that are compatible with many Baader T-2 accessories.

  • With the T-2 thread ring removed, the Clicklock adapter also had 2" SCT thread.
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Baader 2" ClickLock Clamp for Vixen Refractors (M60 Thread) - CLVX-2

  • This ClickLock clamp from Baader is made for Vixen refractors with M60 external threads.
  • The internal T-2 threads, means it is compatible with other T-2 system equipment.
  • Using this ClickLock clamp is an alternative way to hold eyepieces.
  • This Baader clamp is compatible with eyepieces that have an outside diameter of 37 mm.
Baader 1.25" to .965" Eyepiece Adapter

Baader 1.25" to .965" Reducer with T2 Threads - T2-10

SKU: BAD-T2-10
  • This is compatible with all 1.25” focusers.
  • Using this adapter means that you can use 0.965” eyepieces in 1.25” focusers.
  • This comes complete with a 3-point attachment system.
  • The Baader T2-10 adapter comes complete with filter threads.