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Kendrick 120mm Visual Solar Filter - 6021-A

SKU: KAI-6021-A

Kendrick 120mm Visual Solar Filter - 6021-A

One of the most important parts of solar viewing is making sure that you have a solar filter to protect the optics of your telescope and your eyes. Do NOT point your telescope at the sun and start viewing if you do not have the proper filter or you filter is somehow damaged. Viewing without a filter or with a damaged filter can lead to permanent eye damage.

Kenrick Astro has got you covered, however. The Kendrick 120mm Visual Solar Filter utilizes Baader film material for their Visual Solar filters, providing a bright image. This model uses nylon thumbscrews to fasten the filter to your telescope. The nylon matieral is soft enough that it will not mar or scratch your telescope finish. This visual solar filter is must have for your solar viewing pleasure and protection.

Kendrick 120mm Visual Solar Filter Features

  • Fits tube ODs 395mm to 405mm
  • Off-axis
  • 120mm filter