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Meade 2" 14 mm Series 5000 Extreme Wide Angle Eyepiece - 07751

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SKU: MEA-07751
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Meade 14 mm Series 5000 Extreme Wide Angle Eyepiece

The Meade Series 5000 14 mm eyepiece is a top notch addition to your optics! With a staggering 100-degree apparent field of view and the use of 9 optical elements, this eyepiece gives high contrast images with razor sharp correction that extends all the way to the edge of the field of view!

With blackened lens edges and internal surfaces, this Meade 14 mm eyepiece gives enhanced contrast, and the parfocal design means that there is little to no change in focus when switching between eyepieces. The barrel of the eyepiece measures in at 2" and is threaded for 2" filters.

Additionally, this Meade Series 5000 eyepiece has a comfortably long eye relief of 14.5 mm and rubber eye guards so viewing is comfortable and extraneous light is kept away from the optics. With an eyepiece like this, you'll be taking in crisp, high contrast views comfortably and, as a result, happily.