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Telescope Clearance

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High Point 2" 0.5X Focal Reducer - FR2

  • Decrease the focal length of your telescope by half with this 2" 0.5x Focal Reducer.
  • Provides a wide field while minimizing exposure times for astrophotography.
  • This 2" 0.5x Focal Reducer contains fully multi-coated optics with two-element optical design.
  • Black anodized lens cell curtails reflections from errant light.
  • Offers considerable flexibility for set up modification.
$54.95 $43.96
Apertura 0.5x Focal Reducer - 1.25" and Extension Tube

Apertura 0.5x Focal Reducer - 1.25" - A-FR1

  • Inexpensive 1.25" Focal Reducer by Apertura
  • 0.5X reduction
  • Apertura focal reducer comes with a 25mm extension
  • Fully multi-coated doublet in black anodized cell