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Computerized Telescopes

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Computerized Telescopes for Beginners

The Computerized Telescope allows experienced and non-experienced astronomers alike to easily navigate their way through the night sky. Some of the best computerized telescopes for beginners include:

  • Celestron NexStar 8 SE
  • Meade ETX 90
  • Celestron 130 SLT

The innovation of the computerized telescope helped introduce hundreds of thousands of people to the hobby of astronomy. Now, it’s easier than ever for beginners to get started. Tour the great beyond with one of our computerized telescopes for sale today!

Built-In GoTo Telescopes Technology

Many of these models feature GoTo technology built into the mount in order to track and locate objects for you. This makes it easy to observe more celestial objects in one night. This is especially helpful if you are observing from a suburban setting, where light pollution may hinder your ability to see stars. However, there is some initial setup involved - the GoTo system will require you to enter date, time, and location information in order for the mount to begin the alignment process. Once the mount is aligned you are ready to go!

These GoTo telescopes many also have a built-in GPS system to make alignment even easier. With a GPS enhanced telescope, there is no need for lengthy data entry, such as date, time, or location. Your GPS-enhanced telescope will do it all for you! Though these computerized telescopes are savvy on their own, it is important to still fine tune the alignment by centering the stars in the view of your eyepiece.


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