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Meade 14" LX200 ACF Computerized Telescope without Tripod - 1410-60-03N

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SKU: MEA-1410-60-03N

Meade 14" LX200 ACF Computerized Telescope Without Tripod

The Meade LX200-ACF produces a coma-free, flat field of view that rivals traditional RC telescopes, at a fraction of the cost. The design even eliminates diffraction spikes and improves astigmatism. The Meade Advanced Coma-Free optics creates a flat, distortion free image, even along the edges of the field. This provides the perfect platform for astrophotographers and demanding visual observers alike.

The optics on all Meade LX200-ACF telescopes are finished off with Meade's famous Ultra-High Transmission Coatings (UHTC). These proprietary coatings improve light transmission and image brightness by nearly 20% over Meade's standard coatings. An oversized primary mirror is also incorporated into the design, which also increases brightness. With UHTC and an oversized primary mirror, you will actually be able to see the difference!

The Meade LX200, with its breakthrough computerized GoTo system, changed amateur astronomy forever. The electronics of the 14" LX200-ACF are based on this classic design, but have been upgraded even further with cutting-edge features to make your astronomy experience even better. For instance, Meade LNT level north technology allows you to do a nearly effortless star alignment based on the current time, date, and location. How do you get the exact date, time, and location? With a built-in Sony 16-channel GPS receiver! GPS instruments have improved significantly since the introduction of the LX200, and you'll be amazed at how precisely you are able to align your telescope with help from global positioning satellites and AutoAlign!

The Meade AutoStar II hand controller is user friendly and simply amazing. Search for your favorite object in the 145,000 celestial database, or make use of one of the many guided tours when you'd rather let your telescope do all the work! AutoStar can be updated via the internet on the Meade website, and you can also download the latest tours, comet locations, and more as well.

The Meade 14" LX200-ACF features a DC-servo driven super heavy duty double fork mount, the strongest and most rigid mount in its class. Fast slew speeds are from 1 to 8 degrees per second, and can be user selected at .1 degree per second increments, while fine slewing and photographic guiding speeds can be adjusted from .01x to 1x sidereal in one one-hundredth increments. The mount and all electronics are internally powered by 8 (user supplied) C-cell batteries which will typically operate the telescope for around 20 hours. The mount additionally has mechanical locks and slow motion manual controls in both axes if you found yourself without power.

Other Meade 14" LX200-ACF Features Include:

  • Primary Mirror Lock: Prevents the mirror from shifting and eliminates image movement during long exposures.
  • Smart Drive: Provides PPEC (permanent periodic error correction) on both axes to improve tracking by learning and averaging error over the course of training sessions.
  • High Precision Pointing: For sub arc-minute pointing accuracy.

Note: This Meade 14" LX200 ACF telescope does not include a tripod. You will need to mount this telescope on a pier or other mounting arrangement.