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Meade ETX 90 Observer Telescope Bundle - 205004-BUN1

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SKU: MEA-205004-BUN1

Meade ETX 90 Observer Telescope Bundle
with 13-Piece Eyepiece and Filter Set
DC Power Cable and 7AH 12V Portable Battery

Should any of your bundle items be unavailable to ship with your telescope, please note that we will ship them separately as soon as they become available at no additional cost to you.

The Meade ETX 90 has been around for many years and is one of the best-selling portable telescopes in the world. After all, who wouldn't want a portable 90 mm telescope that is computerized, has super sharp Maksutov-Cassegrain optics and can be used for both astronomical and terrestrial viewing? On top of that, the Meade ETX 90 also makes a very nice high powered lens for photography! This lightweight telescope comes standard with a hard case and a tripod case, making it a cinch to pack up and take anywhere. High Point Scientific has bundled the ETX 90 Observer with extra accessories that will really increase your enjoyment of this telescope!

  • The Apertura 1.25" Eyepiece and Filter Kit with Aluminum Case includes five Plossl 1.25” eyepieces, a 2X Barlow lens, and a set of colored filters for planetary viewing! All items are safely stored in an ease-to-carry accessory case! Since you already get two eyepieces with the Meade ETX 90 Observer, you will have a total of seven (7) eyepieces to view through, and because the 2X Barlow doubles the magnification of any 1.25" eyepiece, that means you will have an astounding 14 different magnifications to choose from!
  • We have also included the Celestron 7AH 12V Rechargeable Power Supply with the Meade ETX 90 Observer Bundle. Now you don't have to use up your AA batteries whenever you want to observe. Just plug the included Meade 607 DC Power Cable into the telescope and the charged power supply, place the battery under your tripod legs, and observe the universe to your heart's content!

About the Meade ETX 90 Observer Telescope

  • The Meade ETX 90 Observer is super sharp, high contrast 90mm f/13.8 Maksutov-Cassegrain computerized telescope, and sports UHTC (Ultra-High Transmission Coatings) to kick brightness up a notch
  • The 90 mm optical tube can be easily removed from the fork arms, allowing you to mount the OTA elsewhere if you choose
  • The Meade AudioStar hand controller guides you to over 30,000 objects and can tell you about a wide range of celestial delights through its built-in speaker!
  • The full-sized metal tripod comes with a tilt plate, allowing you to set up equatorially when doing astrophotography
  • The ETX 90 Observer includes a 26 mm and 9.7 mm Super Plossl eyepiece for 48X and 129X magnification
  • A Red Dot Viewfinder comes standard to help you aim the scope
  • Store your ETX 90 Observer in a hard carry case—there’s even a bag for your tripod so everything is protected!

Starting your astronomy journey with the Meade ETX 90 is an excellent choice. Take advantage of 3.5” of aperture to enjoy close-up views of the solar system and celestial objects anytime, anywhere. Packing your ETX 90 Observer and tripod at a moment’s notice is a breeze with the carrying case and durable tripod bag.

The Meade ETX 90 Observer fully equips the modern explorer with a sophisticated, automated and portable telescope. Its dual-purpose design includes a removable OTA and includes exceptional features like AudioStar, GOTO technology, and a large 30,000 object database. It’s a perfect scope to accompany you during camping, hiking, and outdoor activities. Exploring and night-sky stargazing is fun, easy and educational. With the Meade ETX 90, you’ll see planets, stars, galaxies and nebulae at the push of a button.

The ETX90 Observer has a Maksutov-Cassegrain optical design for pinpoint star images and extraordinary contrast, making it a great deep sky performer and ideal for detailed lunar and planetary observation at high magnifications. The Ultra-High Transmission Coatings (UHTC) give maximum light transmission, ensuring the brightest images and the highest contrast. It has a flip mirror to let light focus to the rear of the telescope (instead of the mirror reflecting the light 90 degrees to the eyepiece), allowing attachment of a camera on the back of the scope (adapters not included). The ETX 90 Observer comes with a Bubble Level/Compass to make sure your tripod and mount are level.

A portable but extremely stable full-size steel tripod is included in this wonderful telescope package, and it is topped with an equatorial tilt plate, allowing for the polar alignment necessary for long exposure astrophotography. You will also receive a hard carry case for the mount/optical tube and accessories, and a tripod bag for the tripod. This super portable, super powerful telescope is ready to go at a moment’s notice, a cinch to set up, and a blast to use!

Meade ETX 90 Observer Specifications

  • Clear Aperture: 90mm
  • Optical Design: Maksutov-Cassegrain
  • Optical Coatings: UTHC
  • Focal Length: 1250 mm
  • Focal Ratio: f/13.8
  • Resolving Power: 1.29 arc-seconds
  • Viewfinder: Red Dot
  • Eyepieces: 1.25” Super Plossl Eyepieces: 26mm (48x) and 9.7mm (129x)
  • Dovetail: Vixen-Style
  • Mount Type: Fork type; double-tine
  • Hand Controller: AudioStar™
  • Object Database : 30,000 objects
  • Tripod: Full Size Steel Tripod with EQ tilt plate
  • Time Chip: Yes
  • Assembled Product Weight: 18.91 lb.
  • Carry Case Outer Diameter : 22.5" x 10.25" x 13.75"

About the Celestron 1.25" Filter and Eyepiece Kit

The 1.25" Celestron Eyepiece and Filter Kit with Aluminum Case is a 13 Piece 1.25" telescope eyepiece kit that contains:

Celestron Plossl Eyepieces (Five superior grade Plossl eyepieces) - 1.25": The Celestron Plossl Eyepieces come with a 4 element design and have a 52 degree AFOV (32 mm has 44 degrees). The Celestron Plossl Eyepieces have superb color resolution, edge sharpness and clarity. All Celestron eyepieces in the Celestron Eyepiece and Filter Kit are fully-multicoated for maximum contrast and resolution. Supplied eyepieces are the 6 mm, 8 mm, 13 mm, 17 mm, and 32 mm focal length Plossl type.

Celestron Barlow Lens - 2x 1.25": The 2x Barlow lens in the Celestron Eyepiece and Filter Kit compliments the Plossl eyepieces and gives you a total of ten power combinations. High grade glass optics with fully-multicoated lenses are used so there is no degradation of image.

Celestron colored eyepiece (Lunar and planetary) Filters - 1.25": Included in this Celestron accessory kit are Kodak Wratten #12, #21, #25, #56, #58, and #80A filters. Since you have all the eyepieces necessary to study the planets and moon in detail, these filters will greatly enhance your enjoyment of our solar system.

Celestron Moon Filter - 1.25": A neutral-density (ND) filter which allows you maximum enjoyment of the Moon, especially during its brighter phases.

Celestron Aluminum Carrying Case: This sturdy and well-built case fits all of the above items in the die-cut foam interior and has room for additional accessories.

About the Celestron 12-Volt, 7 Amp Portable Power Tank

Now you can take your telescope anywhere with the portable, rechargeable Celestron Power Tank power supply. Whether you have a computerized telescope or operate your telescope using motors, Celestron specially designed this product with the amateur astronomer in mind -- this model is packed with useful features. Not only useful for setting up and powering your scope, this telescope power supply can also be useful as an emergency roadside accessory as it includes an emergency light, and booster terminals in place to start weak car batteries.

  • 7-amp hour 
  • Two 12V output cigarette lighter ports 
  • Built-in (2) USB ports for charing portable devices
  • Built-in flashlight with red filter cap 
  • Energy efficient LED spotlight 
  • Booster terminal on rear side 
  • Built-in Circuit Breaker for safety 
  • Cigarette lighter adapter included 
  • 110 V/220 V switchable universal AC adapter included

About the Meade #607 12 VDC Power Cord

Use this 12VDC Power Cord to power your Meade ETX 90/105/125AT, LX10, LX90, or LX200GPS telescopes in the field by connecting it to the Celestron Power Tank or a 12 VDC automobile cigarette lighter socket. This cord is 25 ft in length, and includes a standard automobile cigarette lighter plug on one end, and the required DC power plug for your Meade telescope on the other.