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The Coronado 60mm SolarMax II Solar Telescope with a 15mm Blocking Filter is our favorite Coronado Solar Scope, so we couldn't help ourselves when the chance to buy all of Coronado's remaining inventory became available! These 60mm H-Alpha solar telescopes let you experience our Sun in stunning detail, from amazing prominences that, from our viewpoint on Earth, erupt along the edges of the solar disk, to flares, filaments and ever-changing surface areas.

The SolarMax II 60 BF15 comes with Richfield Tuning, a solar viewfinder, and mounting ring, whether you choose the model with a single etalon at <0.7 Angstroms or the "double-stacked" SolarMax II with two etalon filters for a narrower <0.5 Angstrom bandpass. The double-stacked 60mm Solar Max does "double-duty" since the second etalon is external and can be removed for standard <0.7A viewing whenever you choose.

Hurry, this sale is only valid while supplies last!

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Coronado SolarMax II BF15 H-Alpha Solar Telescopes

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