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David Levy 11" Planisphere for 30-60 Degrees North - 11E


David Levy 11" Planisphere

This David Levy planisphere measures 11" and is made to be used for the the northern hemisphere, particularly 30 to 60 degrees latitude. The planisphere is made from two pieces of plastic that riveted together in the middle. Rotating these two parts will help you find your observing time, and the stars that appear in the white portion are the stars that will be in the sky at the time selected.

With this chart in hand, you have taken the first step toward the stars, on a journey that will reward you with the beauty and wonder of the heavens. As you reach for them, meet their acquaintance, and enjoy their company, they will become lifelong friends to cherish and share with others. Congratulations on your decision to go out and look up at a sky that has much to offer!