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Explore Scientific 3" Field Flattener & .7X Focal Reducer - FFFR507X-00 - Used - SOLD

SKU: UEQ-10944-EXS-FFFR507X-00
$399.99 $309.00
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  • This Explore Scientific 3" Field Flattener & .7X Focal Reducer is Used and in Good Condition. Upon inspection, we found that the Field Flattener and Focal Reducer is fully functional. It has faint yet obvious signs of use, but otherwise, everything looks good.
  • Image shows new product.
  • Comes with High Point 90-Day Warranty

Explore Scientific 3” Flattener & 0.7X Reducer
for 127 mm & 152 mm Triplet Refractors

When you attach the Explore FFFR507X-00 to your Explore 127 or 152 refractor telescope, it will improve the flatness of the field & reduce the telescope's effective focal ratio by .7X. A flat field translates to sharper, more pinpoint stars out to the furthest reaches of the field of view, and reducing the focal length creates a wider field of view and, when imaging, allows for shorter exposure times. The back focus is 55 mm as measured from the rear flange.

The Explore Scientific 3” Field Flattener & .7X Focal Reducer is fully multi-coated for a high level of clarity and brightness, and comes with a M42x0.75 adapter to help you attach your DSLR or CCD camera. If attaching a DSLR, please note that you will still need a T-ring for your camera brand. The extra photo at left shows all of the components…the focal reducer/field flattener body, a 3” nosepiece, and the M42 adapter.

Explore 3” Focal Reducer/Field Flattener Specs

  • Diameter: 78.3 mm
  • Weight: 1.4 lb.
  • Height: 90.1 mm
  • Back Focus: 55 mm from rear flange
  • Thickness of M42 Adapter: 6.25 mm

Please Note: Explore designed this focal reducer and flattener for their f/8 refractors but testing has proven that it performs nicely with their f/7.5 refractors as well.