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iOptron IEQ45 AZ Base - 8050

SKU: IOP-8050

iOptron AZ Base for iEQ45 Mount

If you would like to convert your iOptron IEQ45 equatorial mount to alt-azimuth, this base will do the trick. It is pretty straight-forward, but here are a few things to keep in mind regarding the conversion:

  1. The AZ Base attaches to a IEQ45 tripod or pier, so make sure you have one of these before you start.

  2. If you have an earlier version of the IEQ45 with the 8406 hand controller, you will need an upgrade so that your mount will work in AZ mode. Contact High Point and we will help you make this happen.

  3. Finally, before you order the base, check the model of your mount. If it is NOT an 8000D/DP or an 8000AZ, let us know what model you have so that we can have the proper parts shipped to you. An instruction sheet will be included to help make the conversion easier.