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Lumicon 1.25" Minus Violet Filter - LF3120


Lumicon 1.25" Minus Violet Filter

The LF3120, Lumicon Minus Violet Filter 1.25", greatly improves photographs taken through lenses of any kind. This filter is made from optically flat specially made colored glass, and has anti-reflection coatings on both surfaces. It is especially recommended for all telephoto lenses, and will help you obtain pinpoint star images. The Minus Violet filter passes the maximum amount of visible light, including the full blue, green, yellow, and red portions of the spectrum. It absorbs violet and ultraviolet light below 420 nm and thus eliminates blue halos around bright stars in color photography. In photography it eliminates bloated and swollen star images caused by violet and ultraviolet light, which telephoto lenses cannot focus exactly, due to chromatic aberration.